Cheer Program

Competition Cheer

SDC is excited about how our cheer program has grown over the past few years. We thank our wonderful coaches for all their hard work. A special thank you to the parents who took a chance on a new cheer program. We know we are not like other cheer teams and we are proud of that. We do not believe you should have to compete every weekend, travel all over Texas and beyond, or take a line of credit to afford cheerleading.  We are excited to have multiple levels of cheer teams. 

Show Teams

Show teams start at age 4. This team comes once a week and participates in one local competition. They also have the opportunity to be in the fair parade, our holiday show, and our annual recital. This team is meant to prepare students to eventually move to our competitive level competition teams. However, students also have the option of staying if they like.

Competition Level 

Competition level ages are 5 and up.  These teams come twice a week and participate in 2 competitions. We only travel between Austin and San Antonio, so there is no need for an overnight stay.  They also have the opportunity to be in the fair parade, our holiday show, and our annual recital. Our Extreme team will travel to other areas in Texas.

SDC opened in 2007, however it began as a dream between two college friends many years before that. The dream was to have a quality dance program taught by professional teachers with dance and or education degrees. A program where students could pursue their dreams of performing with their school teams, collegiate teams, and professional dreams. Over the years SDC has done just that. It has also evolved into much more. SDC also offers cheerleading, an after school pick up program, and multiple summer camps. Yet one founding factor remains the same:  "It doesn't matter how good our teachers and our programs are, if people can't afford to come through the door." 

Address: 1495 N. Business I-35, #130 New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: 830-625-2088