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Dance Program

23-24 Company Members

Lacey A              Coralynn D

Isabella D           Ava G

Alyssa G             Paisley 

Reid J                 Mia M               

Malery O            Jayne P               

Mei R-C               Razz R-C    

Emiko T               Kiara T        

Elem. Pom

To Be Announced

Jr. Pom Squad

To Be Announced

Sr. Pom Squad

To Be Announced

SDC Company

SDC has a dance company, not individual teams.  We give you a chance to pick how many dances your child participates in.  Therefore, you as a family can have better control of your schedule and your budget. Dancers are placed according to dance style. Age does still take a factor in placement on certain dances.  Our goal in the way we structure our teams is simple.  We want to give our dancers the best possible chance to grow as dancers and performers.  We feel it is the best way to nurture and grow our dancer’s talent, technique, and passion. 

  Drill Team

As a former high school dancer, collegiate dancer, and former high school director myself we believe in the importance of quality school dance programs.  That is why we offer dance team prep workshops. These classes specialize in what your child needs to help them be successful in their school audition. They are taught by teachers with experience in the dance team world. Many whom are former and future directors.  The classes are designed for what your dancer needs at their specific audition. 

Dance Classes

SDC also offers quality recreational classes taught by the same qualified teachers as our team classes.  We offer all genres of dance. Dancers can start as young as three years old. SDC wants all of our students to find their love of performing. That is why our recreational classes also have the opportunity to perform in our annual Holiday Show and our year end recital. 

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